Indian Economic development & Research AssociationRegistered under the societies Registration Act XXI of 1860

NRI's from all over the world are taking parts in the activities of IEDRA. NRI's may see the Policies and Aims as given in the website. The other special services that can be provided to NRI's is given below :

  • A Special Committee has been formed to assists NRI's economic fields.
  • All types of assistance and information in economic and social fields will be provided to NRI's whenever they make specific request in this regard.
  • NRI's can send their nomination for Awards in the their specialized field of activities. All NRI's who have made substantial contributions in any field is eligible to receive an Award for his outstanding efforts and contributions.
  • NRI's can apply for Membership of IEDRA by sending a specific request by EMAIL. Our association will inform the NRI on the procedure for applying for membership.
  • Assistance on a wide range of services can be provided to NRI's in the fields of investments in India, finance, taxation and other financial requirements and queries.

NRI's from all over the world can join IEDRA by applying for Membership. Further particulars can be obtained from us through correspondence or through email.

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  • Publications

    IEDRA is associated with the publication of leading business magazine namely. "Business & Portfolios"

    IEDRA is associated with the publishing of many economic articles and papers.

Encourage everyone to build their careers in a nice way. Let none get the scope to think that their lives have become useless.