Indian Economic development & Research AssociationRegistered under the societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
Seminars & Conferences

IEDRA has organized many national seminars and conferences over the past many years. These seminars have deliberated on vital economic issues of the country. These seminars have been chaired by Cabinet Ministers, Governors, Senior bureaucrats, national leaders, Ambassadors from many nations and other leading personalities. These seminars have been attended by people and organizations from all over the country and from other countries. Many people who had distinguished themselves in their respective fields have attended the seminars. People from fields such as education, health and medicine, industry, urban development and civil engineering, professions, information technology and many other specializations have attended the seminars and contributed in various ways.

The persons who chaired the seminars spoke on various national issues facing the nation. Many cabinet Ministers spoke on national economic issues and explained how the govt.was functioning and making plans and policies for national development. The Ministers also gave suggestions to the audience as to the steps to be taken to obtained assistance from Govt. agencies. Many valuable results have come out form the seminars which has benefited the members of IEDRA in various ways.

At some of these seminars the Cabinet ministers presented awards to people organization from all over the country .The awardees included persons from all spheres of economic and social activities. Some prominent fields in which awards were given are industry, business, finance, health and medicine, education, professions like civil engineering, architecture, law, travel and tourism, co- operations sectors, housing, information technology and other fields. These awards have given encouragement and recognition to many people for the substantial and outstanding contributions in their work and professions.

Ambassadors and leaders from foreign countries have also addressed the seminars and expressed their appreciation on various issues discussed in the seminars. They have extended their cooperation and best wishes to IEDRA and its members.

The members of IEDRA have gained in many ways from the seminars and have benefited from the suggestions and assistance offered to them.

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Procedural, Financial and other services to members

Members of IEDRA have been assisted in their respective areas. This assistance has been provided on the specific request of the members. Information and assistance has been given to members to solve many problems faced by them in the fields of Govt. regulations, finance, data, communication and other sectors.

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Quality Control Guidance

Suggestions and guidance has been given to members on quality certification issues: Quality control professionals are available with IEDRA to guide members on quality improvement and certification.

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Environment Improvement

The Association has made efforts to assist organizations in environment improvement schemes.Some of the members of IEDRA are involved in this profession.

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Urban Development

Many of the members of IEDRA are involved in urban development, housing and construction. Also many articles and papers on urban development have been published.

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Media & News Reporting

The Association is closely associated with newspaper publishing and other forms of media. The member of the association can request for all types of services in the field of media, press conferences, public relations and other communication requirements.

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The Society will honor individuals, organizations and institutions with Awards for outstanding contributions and achievements in their respective field. These include economic development in industry, finance and business. Awards will also be given in the fields of education, health, medical treatment and hospitals, hotels and tourism, journalism, astrology and jyotish science, co- operatives and other fields. The Awards consists of a Trophy or Gold Medal and a Certificate.